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Boat Safaris in Uganda

Tired of the car? Kind of done with walking? Then hop on board and experience a safari from another point of view. Discover Uganda’s wildlife, from reptiles to birds, as well as the country’s mesmerizing lakes at the same time. With its diverse water bodies, Uganda is the perfect place to enjoy a unique boat safari – no matter if you just want to relaxe a little, observe animals up close, explore local life or awaken your inner adventurer. You want to hear more? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. And no worries, the boat you’ll be safari-ing with is a little more elaborate than the one you can see above 😉


Explore the islands on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes and shared by the three East African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. While smoothly sailing on this natural gem, you cannot only spot countless animals everywhere around you, but also visit one of the numerous little islands. How about Ngamba Island with its famous Chimpanzee Sanctuary or the Ssese Islands, a mekka for bird lovers? Or maybe you crave a romantic touch… then we’d highly recommend a stunning sunset boat cruise.


Murchison Falls for all thrill-seekers

What’s more exciting than getting really close to waterfalls? Right, nothing! If rollercoasters don’t do the trick for you anymore, travel to Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park and experience the ultimate safari with a skilled boatman. After this thrilling adventure, you keep on sailing on the Victoria Nile Delta where elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, antelopes and countless bird species are already waiting for you. Don’t forget to bring your camera. And a rain poncho. Just in case.



Discover the culture of Uganda on Lake Bunyonyi

One of the most beautiful lakes in Uganda can be found in the southwest of the country. Even if this boat safari won’t give you too many animals to see apart from birds, you can dive deep into the country’s culture. 29 islands are scattered over different areas of the lake and your guide will tell you stories about them, only locals can know. Stunning landscapes in front of you combined with funny legends and historical facts make this safari truly one-of-a-kind.



Mountains meet Lake Mutanda

Not too far from Lake Bunyonyi lies Lake Mutanda, one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire country. In the background the famous Virunga volcanoes rise above the sometimes mist-shrouded lake. This not only creates a picture only nature can paint, but also goosebumps. Of course you can still enjoy some spectacular wildlife, or rather birdlife to be precise. And if you want, you can even go fishing with the locals or take a dip in the lake – it’s hippo- and crocodile-free.

Observe giant monitor lizards in the Kazinga Channel

Connecting Lake George and Lake Edward, the Kazinga Channel also separates Queen Elizabeth National Park into two parts. Even though it’s only 40 kilometres long, it’s home to the highest population of hippos in Africa. However, these are not the only animals you can find here: keep your eyes open for various mammals, birds, crocodiles and massive monitor lizards. Some are so big that they can even be confused for baby crocodiles!


Unwind at Lake Mburo

In western Uganda lies its smallest lake, which is still extremely rich in biodiversity. If you’re looking for a calm boat ride to observe wildlife, this is your place-to-safari! It’s also the only national park in Uganda occupied by the entire lake. Apart from the classic water animals, there are many birds to spot including the endemic African finfoot. And if you pay very close attention, you can even find three different kinds of otters around the lake!


Any time is the best time

So, the question of questions: when is the best time for a boat safari? Theoretically you can do one whenever you feel like it, there are no specific times or days. In the dry months of June, July, August and December, January and February the chances to spot the famous African wildlife will be higher though, since they all gather along the water. With little or no rainfall, the hungry and thirsty animals will come to eat and drink there! One last tip from our side: make sure your camera has a high zoom – these are the moments you want to capture for eternity!


If you cannot wait to do one of these boat safaris (or all of them) yourself, be our guest – literally. We’re happy to organize your trip for and with you. Just get in touch and soon we’ll be able to say: ahoy skipper!