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Emara Ole Sereni

Emara Ole Sereni is one of Nairobi’s most iconic 5-star hotels, located by the Nairobi National Park and close to Jomo Kenyatta National Airport as well as the city’s vibrant centre. It makes this the perfect starting point for your safaris as well as your city tours.

The rooms’ breathtaking views are one of Emara’s many advantages. The staff is very hospitable and the ambiance warm and welcoming. Surround yourself with quality service and beautiful furniture, and enjoy the many activities available at Emara Ole Sereni. These include a fitness center, a spa, a bar/lounge, fine dining and more. Icing on the cake: the rooftop swimming pool with seats to enjoy the view over the National Park. The hotel is also family-friendly and easy access for persons with reduced mobility. Impeccable decor, spectacular views and a culinary journey await at Emara Ole Sereni!